What does it take to build a global brand?

It starts with a vision. Whether you're looking to disrupt markets, establish a category or become a thought leader, our first task is to understand your business goals and shape a communications strategy around them.

It also takes vibrant, dynamic content that people want to share. We use our journalistic roots, storytelling skills and broad digital content production capabilities to wrap your message in content that inspires, educates, informs and entertains.

It takes timely execution across every channel. Speed and context count in today's world. Our teams identify emerging opportunities and implement imperative.

Lastly, it takes seamless integration across multiple channels. Successful brands know there is a multiplier effect when PR and digital marketing work hand in hand, ensuring continuity across channels and around the world.

See how LEWIS builds brands

Acquire customers

We launch, promote and help drive inbound leads for your products and services using media relations, SEO and social media marketing – all tracked and tied into your lead nurturing system.

Case Study: Eloqua

Build corporate profile

Whether you're heading for an IPO, communicating with investors or simply building brand visibility, we combine a strong corporate narrative with business media relations and SEO to take your company to the next level.

Case Study: Quickoffice

Become a thought leader

We use our journalistic expertise and production capabilities to create quality thought leadership content and then we promote it through traditional PR and social media to drive credibility and conversions.

Case Study: Splunk

Nurture your community

Your community should be one of your greatest assets. We help you define a strategy, manage user-generated content programmes and engage with your community day-in-day-out to maximise its impact on your business.

Case Study: VMWare

 Launch a company or product

When the time is right to start talking about your company or product, we help you define your messages and get your communications engine in place. Whether we're coordinating a launch event, managing a rolling programme, or ensuring continued momentum, we ensure an integrated PR approach across media relations and social media channels.

Case Study: ViewSonic

 Attract talent

Attracting the best talent to your company starts well before you post a job spec. We help you leverage social channels to build a community of prospective candidates. We use targeted media relations to ensure positive brand awareness in media your candidates read.

Case Study: Capco