The New Rules of Search and PR

Using SEO To Boost PR Effectiveness

The Web does not happen in silos. Users (and media) don’t consciously think to themselves: “Now I’m using a search engine. Now I’m using a social network. Now I’m reading a blog.”

They simply use the tools necessary to accomplish their tasks. Whether it’s a customer searching for a product, or a journalist searching for an expert source, it’s a fluid experience.

And yet many brands separate their marketing teams as if this were not the case. They’re missing an opportunity.

This eBook will help you integrate Search Engine Optimisation into your PR strategy to achieve greater brand visibility on the Web. An holistic approach can cement a thought leadership campaign, increase the online profile of your spokespeople and drive traffic to your own communications channels.  

In this eBook from digital communications agency, LEWIS PR, you will:

  • Learn SEO basics
  • Read how recent changes in the search engine landscape can be PR opportunities
  • Follow a step-by-step process for integrating PR and SEO

To view the eBook: The New Rules of Search and PR, or download a pdf version, please click here.