The LEWIS media trainer was excellent to work with and I got a lot out of the coaching. It was an essential session to take part in in order to understand the rules of the game.
James D'Arcy,
Vice President Velocity Series EMEA & Germany,
Siemens PLM Software


It's no overstatement to say technology is an inherent part of us and what we do. LEWIS PR has worked as a global public relations agency in the technology sector since it started back in 1995, and this has given us valuable perspective on the marketplace. We haven't just witnessed the many changes and advances in this fast-paced arena, we've been helping shape them alongside our clients.
From start-ups to industry leaders, we understand what differentiates a business from the competition. Because of our specialized insight, we are able to tell a client's story in a way that will bring it alive, making it accessible to both journalists and customers. Our technology PR experience spans the full spectrum of industries from CRM, consumer electronics, e-Commerce, gaming, networking and communications through to software as a service, security and data protection providers.

We have earned our place on the cutting edge of communication. From the days when ‘snail mail’ was simply ‘the mail’, faxes and magazines were made of paper, through the dot-com boom and bust and into the brave new world of social media and beyond, we have remained at the forefront of the evolution of communications in this sector.